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First of all, download LINQPad and install it.

Secondly, download DataObjects.Net 4.5 or later.

Now, download the driver. It is named "LINQPadDriver.lpx" and can be downloaded from this site.

Next, launch LINQPad application. Click "Add connection" link. In the opened window click "View more drivers..." button.

In the next window click "Browse..."

Locate LINQPadDriver.lpx and open it.

After that LINQPad will show a message box that the driver is loaded. Select "DataObjects.Net" from the list of available drivers and hit "Next"

Connection configuration window will be shown. Here you should set connection name, domain connection url and add all required assemblies with persistent types to the list. I added the one from the upcoming security sample which in turn is based on Northwind model.

After several seconds, the domain is built and the domain model is populated to the left pane.

That's it. Now you can write LINQ queries and execute them. Note that you should start a query with Query.All<Entity> as you usually do in DataObjects.Net-based projects.
BTW, look how structures are displayd. Beautiful!

SQL tab also works.

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